Getting Started In Real Estate: Tips To Getting Organized

This article is the second in a series of six posts about starting in a career in real estate. This article talks about how to get organized once you’ve successfully passed your exam and have chosen a broker. Getting organized quickly is critical for getting started in any business and real estate is no exception. We’ll cover how to make your list of contacts, make a schedule, and how to minimize distractions and maximize productivity.1. Make a list of everyone you know. Using Microsoft Excel or a similar spreadsheet program(Google Docs offers a free service if you do nothave Microsoft Excel) that can easily be updated, start adding the names, phone numbers, email addresses, and physical addresses of everyone you know. Look in your cell phone, address book, Facebook, LinkedIn account, etc. More is better! This list is going to initially be your lifeblood so take the time necessary to make it as complete as possible. P.S. it’s never too early to start telling people you see and know that you are now in real estate, you never know who’s looking to buy or sell.2. Determine how much time you’ll dedicate to real estate. Some people start in real estate part-time while they work another job. This isfine but does have its disadvantages. Some clients will expect that you’re available to them when most convenient to them and that may not always fit into your schedule if you work another job. Figure out what your availability is and share that up front with your clients. Also, understand that it will be difficult to prospect, show homes, and process the transactions if you are working part-time. Expecting a full-time income from a part-time real estate job may not be realistic.3. Figure out what you’ll use as workspace. It’s very important to get a dedicated workspace for your career. Whether it’s atthe brokerage office or in a home office, you’ll want to secure a place that you can call your own. It’s disconcerting not feeling like you have place where you can work and be focused without having to set everything up each time you start work for the day. It can be expensive to rent space from the brokerage firm, so weigh your options carefully, especially early in your career when you may not be able to warrant spending hundreds of extra dollars for space you only occasionally use.